Complimentary Internet Facilities
Castle Venlaw - A Scottish Castle Hotel

At Castle Venlaw, we understand the importance of internet access for our guests and for this reason we offer complimentary wi fi internet access to all of our residents in our ground floor public areas. We do not offer wi fi access in any of our bedrooms.

Wireless Internet Access
Guests who have a wireless enabled laptop can access the internet through the hotel's wireless network. Wi fi access is available in the hotel bar. It may be limited at times and outwith hotel's control.

Please note:
Our internet services are checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept in good working order. The hotel staff are unable to help with any technical queries you may have relating to our wireless network.

Our broadband connection is supplied through a third party company over which we have no control. From time to time our broadband provider may have technical difficulties which could result in our internet facilities being temporarily unavailable. The hotel is unable to offer any compensation should the internet facilities become unavailable.

Picture of Complimentary Internet Facilities
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